Innovating, Customizing, Managing, Globally

Overland-Tandberg stands apart from the competition in providing proactive integration and optimization, proficiently servicing from data centers and clouds to workplace and point-of-sale, ensuring you are proactive and efficient in protecting your data. Through seamless, competence support, our trained in-house service teams are highly skilled at asset management and effectively customizing responses to clients’ product lifecycle needs, making our operations uniquely qualified to address your ideas and capabilities for continued innovation. Complementing our multilingual team of in-house professionals with triage experts doubles our efforts at recognizing the need of supporting cultural norms.

OT Global Technologies (OTGT) provides comprehensive worldwide infrastructure support and solutions 24/7. Our team of seasoned experts are tested and proven to ensure level 1 to level 4 global coverage. We are experts in delivering service from data centers and clouds to workplace and point-of-sale. Through seamless, competent support, our trained in-house multilingual teams are highly skilled at asset management and effectively customizing responses to clients’ needs. Our mission is to provide services that are sustainable and scalable worldwide to ensure business continuity.

Our team of professionals have deep expertise in data management, customer and tech support, financial services, global logistics and managed services, as well as solution and consulting. Even though we have a global presence in the Americas, Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and the Asia-Pacific, we are committed to providing ‘local’ services globally.


The Covid-19 pandemic created significant challenges for many businesses and their supply chains. Our ability to provide innovative technology business continuity solutions to customers in over 45 countries puts us in a unique position to provide complete comprehensive solutions. We’re proud that we can help companies manage and protect their infrastructure, data and workforce productivity.

The talented teams at OTGT helped my organization at a critical time. Their agile approach to IT solutions provided the necessary resources for our organization.
Effective, responsible, knowledgeable. I have only great things to say about the OTGT team of experts. They have a seamless and simple approach to execution and integration.
OTGT brings a 10x multiplier in terms of both ease of process and speed of implementation. Our teams were able to work without disruption in service or work flows.