The data security landscape keeps expanding; attack strategies are becoming more complex contributing to what we call the cybercrime epidemic. The management and security of data with today’s evolving workforce is complicated and expensive. Our trusted data security solutions help keep out hackers through automations, such as routine tasks and enforcement. In addition to cloud and enterprise solutions, OTGT also offers, RDX designed to deliver cost efficiency and robustness. RDX provides password data access protection and PowerEncrypt to secure your company’s data during transit and off-site storage.

In addition to securing your data, we also stand by our commitment to exceeding the standards for compliance and regulation. The compliance and regulatory requirements of electronically stored information are constantly and globally increasing. Our end-to-end data security solutions provide the following benefits:

  • AES-XTS 256-bit encryption
  • Slows hackers down just by allowing one try per second
  • Meets GDPR requirements where data at rest must be protected from unauthorized use
  • Up to 8 different passwords for read and write access profiles
  • RDX PowerEncrypt hardware encryption and password protection available for SATA III drives
  • Password protection and 3rd party software encryption compatibility for USB 3.0 drives