Trusted, Agile Technology Solutions

Global organizations consistently challenge their teams to do more with less resources, and to innovate in their approach to complex business and technology challenges.

Unfortunately, the increasing demand on internal teams to keep pace with the increasing requirements to achieve both business and digital transformations require a partner that has decades of global operational experience…

That’s where our proven tech experience comes in!

At OTGT, our worldwide knowledge and our ability to customize a suite of solutions will assist in the acceleration of your organization’s growth and success.

We focus on what we do best:


The Covid-19 pandemic created significant challenges for many business operations and their supply chains. Our ability to provide innovative technology, a scalable supply chain, and business continuity solutions to customers in over 90 countries puts us in a unique position to provide complete comprehensive solutions.

A Few Comments from our Fortune 50 Clients

The talented teams helped my organization at a critical time. Their agile approach enables them to begin supporting our global organization in over 50 countries in three weeks.

Effective, responsible, knowledgeable. I have only great things to say about the team of experts. They have a seamless and simple approach to execution and integration. We work with our U.S. and Latin American organizations.

They bring a 10x multiplier in terms of both ease of process and speed of implementation. Our teams were able to work without disruption in service or work flows.


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